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Advances in aesthetic medicine use innovative laser technology to make liposuction easier than ever before. As highly skilled OB/GYNs and cosmetic surgeons, the father and son team of Dr. Dumrong Tangchitnob and Dr. Edward Tangchitnob offer laser liposuction at their office in West Covina, California. To find out how laser liposuction can help you get the figure of your dreams, call the office of Tangchitnob MD or book an appointment online.

Laser Liposuction Q & A

What is laser liposuction?

Similar to manual liposuction, laser lipo breaks down stubborn pockets of fat that resist diet and exercise. The primary difference is that laser liposuction involves advanced surgical lasers that melt and loosen fat cells, making them easier to decrease.

If you’re considering liposuction but are worried about being left with loose, sagging skin, laser liposuction may be your solution. People who undergo laser liposuction typically experience 20%-80% skin tightening three months after treatment.

Although laser liposuction is a safe and effective way to sculpt a lean and toned body, it’s not intended as a weight loss treatment. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, the doctors at Tangchitnob MD may recommend starting with one of their medical weight loss plans first.

What are the benefits of laser liposuction?

In addition to removing excess fat, laser liposuction offers the following benefits:

  • Shrinks and tightens loose skin
  • Shorter recovery than traditional lipo
  • Less blood loss than traditional lipo

What areas can laser liposuction treat?

Laser liposuction quickly and conveniently reduces stubborn deposits of fat in several common problem areas, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Hips
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms

What should I expect from a laser liposuction procedure?

First, the doctors at Tangchitnob MD perform a comprehensive physical exam to ensure you’re a good candidate for laser liposuction. Then they customize a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals and body type.

Depending on the extent of your procedure, the doctors may use local or general anesthesia.

They make tiny incisions in the treatment area and use a surgical laser to melt and loosen targeted fat cells. Then, they insert a small, hollow tube that vacuums out the fat.

Afterward, you may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but these symptoms are much less severe than those following traditional liposuction. Exact recovery time depends on the area and extent of fat removal, but many patients can return to work a day or two after the procedure.

To find out if laser liposuction is right for you, call or book an appointment online today.


*Individual results may vary.

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