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Unlock the Weight Loss Benefits of Semaglutide

Are you struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes while striving to lose weight? Traditional treatments may not provide the desired results, but hope is on the horizon. Semaglutide can help you better manage your diabetes and lose weight.
May 8th, 2023

Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 5: Regenerative Gynecology

Tissue integrity can sometimes be restored by using a vaginal estrogen compound and the use of DHEA. The approach Dr. Tangchitnob uses in his office as part of the timeless intimacy sequence is platelet-rich plasma as well as using micronized fat.
Oct 14th, 2019

Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 4: Coolsculpting

Dr. Edward discusses coolsculpting. It is a non invasive body sculpting procedure with no pain or down time. Dr Edward gives us the lowdown on the starting price, what happens from the consultation to the end of the procedure and your expected results.
Oct 13th, 2019

Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 2: Hormones & Vaginal Tightening

Dr. Edward discusses birth control pills & their effect on a woman's libido, the benefits of vitamin D & how the older we get the less hormones we have. He also talks about surgery to repair the labia, tighten up the vagina & bringing the bladder back up.
Oct 11th, 2019

Timeless Intimacy® Podcast

Listen to the newly launched Timeless Intimacy Podcast, hosted by, Dr. Edward Tangchitnob from Timeless HealthMD.
Sep 15th, 2019

Tethered Acne Scar

Learn the treatment options for acne scars and if you have tethered acne scars.
Jun 4th, 2019