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Testosterone is the hormone that makes men and women feel their best-affecting muscle mass, libido, and energy levels. When your testosterone levels drop, the symptoms can disrupt your life. At Tangchitnob MD in West Covina, California, the father and son team of Drs. Dumrong and Edward Tangchitnob provide testosterone replacement therapy through advanced pellet systems to relieve your symptoms and help you feel more like yourself again. Call the practice or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Testosterone Replacement Q & A

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a form of hormone replacement therapy that helps men who have low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement is available in injections and pellets. The treatment can restore libido, boost energy levels, and increase muscle mass.

Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t just for men. Menopausal women often find that supplementing their testosterone levels increases their energy, enhances their mood, and restores their sex drive and function.

Why would I have testosterone replacement therapy?

One of the primary reasons you may opt for testosterone replacement therapy is to treat a condition known as non-optimal testosterone.

Testosterone levels also decrease as you age, and some men experience disruptive symptoms similar to what women experience during menopause. Low testosterone can disrupt your life and negatively impact your overall health and wellness. While testosterone replacement therapy isn’t approved as an anti-aging treatment, it can reduce your symptoms and restore your well-being.

What should I expect during testosterone replacement therapy?

Your doctor begins testosterone therapy with a physical exam and blood work. He asks about your personal and family medical history as well as your symptoms and lifestyle. He orders blood work to measure your hormone levels and check for signs of other health conditions that could contribute to your symptoms.

If your testosterone levels are low and responsible for your disruptive symptoms, your doctor can prescribe customized testosterone replacement therapy to restore balance to your hormones. He recommends either topical gels or patches that you apply on your own or injections or pellets.

Regardless of how you receive your testosterone replacement therapy, you will have regular appointments at Tangchitnob MD for your doctor to monitor your hormone levels and symptoms to ensure the treatment is effective and not causing unintended side effects.  

If you’re concerned about signs of low testosterone like fatigue, low libido, and weight gain, call Tangchitnob MD or book an appointment online to talk to one of the experienced and compassionate doctors about your symptoms and discover if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.


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