Fibroid Diagnoses and Treatment

What are Fibroids?

Fibroids are tumors found in the female’s reproductive system. These tumors can range from the size of a pea to a softball. The causes of fibroid tumors are not specifically known but is believed to develop from aberrant muscle cells in the uterus that multiply rapidly due to increased levels of estrogen. 

How Many Women are Affected?

Research shows that between 20 to 50 percent of women in the reproductive age have fibroids though many are not diagnosed. It is estimated that up to 77 percent of women will develop fibroids at one point during their childbearing years, though 99 percent of these cases will be benign tumors (non-cancerous). Women who are nearing menopause are at greatest risk for fibroids since their exposure to estrogen levels are high (Fibroids, n.d.)

What are the Symptoms of Fibroids?

Many women will not experience any symptoms, and if so the symptoms will typically be mild. Though there are some cases where the symptoms may be more severe. Those who suffer from the following symptoms will require treatment.

Typically women will wait an average of three to five years to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, the longer the delay the less effective treatments will be since the fibroids have been allowed to continually grow.

What are my Treatment Options?

Hysterectomy: This involves removing the uterus entirely to eliminate all future possibility of fibroid recurrence.

If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms above, you may be suffering from fibroids in your uterus. At the medical office of Dr. Dumrong and Edward Tangchitnob at the Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgical Group for Obstetrics & Gynecology, they will provide the compassionate care needed to help diagnose and treat your case of fibroids. Located in West Covina, California, call (626) 338-5377 to make an appointment today.

Dr. Edward Tangchitnob

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