Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 2: Hormones & Vaginal Tightening

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In This Episode:

[00:35] Dr Edward starts off by discussing birth control pill and that women on them actually end up increasing the sex hormone binding globulin portion of the bloodstream.

[01:12] Birth control can have two different effects on women, it decreases the rate of ovulation and can decrease the desire to have sex as well.

[01:29] Dr Edward says that in his practice he sees a lot of patience with polycystic ovarian syndrome in which women have to much testosterone.

[02:17] Vitamin D is one of Dr Edwards favorite vitamins, it works more like a hormone. It serves as a cofactor for many biochemical processes of the body.

[03:28] Hormones are an extremely important part of how we feel as human beings and how our body’s function.

[03:42] Hormones lower with every decade we live and has an impact on intimacy and intimacy functions.

[04:24] If you would like to have your labs looked at or a listing of all the different hormones we’ve talked about you can go to our Vaginal Rejuvenation page.

[04:38] Dr Edward chats with us about having optimal intimacy and the anatomical component to this issue.

[05:10] When the hormones begin to decrease in the body particularly estrogen and testosterone you get a term called uterovagnial prolapse.

[05:43] Dr Edward says one way of treating this is by inserting a space occupying pessary that can hold up the uterus and parts of the bladder.

[06:32] He likes to counsel patients about different approaches to surgery.

[08:03] Dr Edward was trained by Dr. Red Alinsod who has pioneered many of the novel approaches for labiaplasty.

[09:03] Dr Edward also discusses a vaginoplasty which is a modified posterior repair and can tighten up the area.

[10:03] He also discusses the anterior compartment that has the bladder, they can bring the bladder up with cystocele repair.

[10:23] If you would like to see what a restored labia looks like you can go to our Gallery.

Dr. Edward Tangchitnob

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