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In This Episode:
[00:35] Dr Edward talks to us today about Coolsculpting.
[00:58] It was discovered by a dermatologist that found when children place a frozen
popsicle in their mouth the pocket of fat in their check would get destroyed permanently.
[01:58] The ideal client is someone who is already healthy and exercising.
[03:21] The process is easy, come to the office, they take pictures and draw on you so
that your plan will be customized for you.
[04:28] They do a full assessment to make sure the client gets the best results.
[05:32] Their office has be newest and best applicators available today.
[06:15] There is no down time so a lot of their clients do it on their lunch time and go
back to work.
[07:08] Coolsculpting can reduce 20 to 25% of the fat in the treated area.
[07:50] A lot of patients come back to get other areas treated.
[08:45] Dr Edward says that he wants the patients to have the best experience so they
have an exclusive coolsculpting suite with movies.
[09:58] The key is to massage the area gently to break up the fat icicles.
[11:45] Dr Edward feels like there is a physiological benefit to this also.
[12:07] Does insurance cover coolsculpting?
[12:30] The practice has specials running a lot of the time for discounts.
[12:50] Coolsculpting starts at about $1500 for one cycle.
[14:30] Does coolsculpting hurt?
[14:45] What areas can I get treated? What are the FDA guidelines?
[15:50] Cryolipolysis or fat freezing, when fat cells get to a certain coldness they die.
[16:37] Where does the fat go? Does the body get rid of it?
[17:23] What should I look for in a coolsculpting provider in my area?
[18:10] Dr Edwards office is considered coolsculpting master specialists.
[18:40] His technicians and staff have been trained by Allergan to have additional
master training.
[20:45] They have a very diverse patient base which has helped get the word out there
about what they do.
[21:30] Dr Edward hopes that anyone listening to this podcast and is interested in
maybe doing coolsculpting will get their questions answered here.
[21:53] The cool events at his practice are really great events, they have food, before
and after pictures and it is an event for former and current patients and families.
[23:25] If you are interested in learning more about coolsculpting please call Timeless
Health at 626 337 0001 or on their website.

Dr. Edward Tangchitnob

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