Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 5: Regenerative Gynecology

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Dr. Edward believes that surgery is not always needed, but there could be underlying
issues that your doctor needs to know about.
Many new non-surgical options have been developed that can make intimacy more
enjoyable, so listen in as Dr. Edward describes them and their benefits.


In This Episode:
[00:35] Dr. Edward discusses Cell Biology and how critical it is to the vaginal mucosa.
[00:47] He discusses how vital the microenvironment of the vaginal canal is.
[01:20] The integrity of the vaginal mucosa begins to change as women age.
[01:51] Dryness or lack of lubrication affects intimacy.
[02:33] Dr. Edward says that some tissue integrity can be restored by using a
compounded vaginal estrogen.
[02:58] He talks about the use of DHEA and it's popularity.
[04:33] Dr. Edward states that an approach he often uses in the Timeless Intimacy
sequence is platelet-rich plasma as well as micronized fat.
[04:51] He defines platelet-rich plasma and how they isolate what they need.
[05:17] A procedure called O-shot can have a positive effect on urinary incontinence.
[05:58] Listen as the micronized fat part of the sequence is described.
[06:22] Dr. Edward summarizes his discussion
[07:05] Surgery does not always cure everything, especially with painful intimacy, but
there are times when it is the only way.

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