Timeless Intimacy® Podcast 6: Vaginal Laser Therapy and the Secret Behind Timeless Intimacy®

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Dr. Edward developed the timeless intimacy sequence for women suffering from pain during intimacy or the inability to orgasm. After joining his father's OB-GYN practice he found that many of his patients were having these issues with intimacy. He started doing research and found that although there was plenty of information available, it was all piecemeal with no comprehensive plan to help. 


The use of lasers for the restoration of the vaginal mucosa is used in parts of Europe and the Middle East. Heat energy can restore lubrication, tightening of the vaginal epithelium as well as reinstate some sensation. Because lasers can target right underneath the urethra, some patients have shown an improvement of urinary incontinence. With radio-frequency, wavelengths go down to the lamina propia and are said to help increase extent angiogenesis as well as laser therapies.


Laser and radio-frequency for heat energy are just one part of a whole. Listen in for a summary of all the components that make up timeless intimacy. Dr. Edward designed this sequence to help women enjoy intimacy again. This might be an episode that will speak to issues and procedures you have had in the past but never the way Dr. Edward prescribes them. Take notes, give examples from your experiences, and take your findings to your doctor. Maybe together, you can find a way to bring intimacy and pleasure back to your relationship.

In This Episode:


[00:35] In today's episode, we are discussing heat energy for intimacy.

[00:41] There are two applications of heat-based therapies.

[00:55] Laser frequency is one application that can tighten vaginal epithelium, sensation, and restore lubrication.

[01:28] Using radio-frequency along the whole vaginal vault is the second.

[02:14] Dr. Edward discusses the many different parts and ingredients that make up the timeless intimacy sequence.

[03:36] Dr. Edward wrote this book after working in his father's OB-GYN practice. 

[03:44] He found that the patients were coming in about painful intimacy and lack of orgasm.

[04:06] He researched the issue and found that the information was all over the place. He wanted something more cohesive that patients could understand.

[04:45] Dr. Edward discusses the chapters of his book.

[06:47] If you are having any issues with intimacy, please contact your doctor. If you want more information about the timeless intimacy sequence, please visit Tangchitnob Timeless Intimacy.

Dr. Edward Tangchitnob

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